Two Extension Guide

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Two Extensions Guide - Twisted Updo

To make the most of your recent purchase, follow these instructions to learn how to use your Easy Updo extensions most effectively.

People want to see something perfect out of the package, but the most important tip to demonstrate first is how to prep by loosening the extensions. Watch Tip #1 and Tip #2 at Easy Updo 101.

Next, if the hair is long enough, place them inside the 2 sections to make them look thicker and let the rest hang down to loosen and untwist a bit when you loosely twist them together before securing the ends. These techniques bring natural looking style, volume, and the illusion of length.

For a downloadable pdf with written instructions, please click here: Two Extensions Guide.

Video Tutorials

Prefer to watch videos? All the steps listed below are show in quick videos at Easy Updo 101 style tips & tricks page.

You can also watch longer, voiceover tutorials from our Starter Styles page.

Styling the Extensions

Loosen Up The Extensions

The extensions are twisted, so you’ll want to start by alleviating some of the tightness. Hold one end of the extensions, then use your other hand to carefully unwind the opposite end. As you let go, it will instantly twist back into position, so be sure to repeat this motion a couple of times. You can also use a dry texture spray to add even more volume to complete this step.

Twist the Extensions with Your Hair


Take the ponytail you just fashioned and divide it into two sections, making sure that one extension is in each section. (If you have longer hair, put the extensions within each section so they appear thicker.) Proceed to twist one section over the other, doing your best to keep the tension even until you reach the ends. When finished, the ends should be about the same length.

For a stronger hold, it's advisable to knot your hair. Hold the twisted ends of the extensions, supporting your twisted ponytail in one hand, then raise the ends over your head. The twisted ponytail should naturally fall to one side as you do this. Next, take hold of the top of your ponytail and tie it in a knot by making a loop and slipping the ends of the extensions through it. Keep supporting the knot as you pull the extensions through the loop, which will result in a loose knot at the ponytail base.

Wrap the Extensions Around the Base of the Bun


The next step is to wrap the thicker ponytail around the base. Take hold of the knot you made with one hand and grip the ends of the extensions in the other hand. Then wrap the ends around the knot. To secure the hold as you wrap, use the bobby pins and hairpins included with your extensions.

Once you've finished wrapping the entire length of the extensions, twist the ends together and tuck them beneath the knot. Be sure not to let go of these ends until you’ve secured them in place with your pins.

Secure the Bun with Hairpins


Secure your topknot or bun by carefully pinning. Open a bobby pin with your fingers and then gently slide it into the updo and capture the extension ends. Repeat this step with the enclosed bobby pins, making sure that each pin secures a small part of the extensions with the hair close to your head.

Only work with small amounts of hair; otherwise, the pin will not be able to keep the extensions in place. Work around your updo until it is in place and use the enclosed hair pins to secure larger sections of hair.