Stylist ProPack Restock Singles

Stylist Propacks are available for licensed stylists only.

Minimum Order Value for Restocking of Single Extensions: $57.50 (5)

Restock your single extensions by ordering just the colors you need. Add vibrant colors to your stock and create fun, colorful updos. Each braiding and twisting extension includes 1 extension on an elastic without packaging.

Benefits to using Easy Updo Extensions include:

  • fast styling,
  • instant volume, and
  • they're easy to use, saving you time behind the chair
Style at wholesale and sell at retail prices.
Light Blonde
Dark Blonde
Light Brown
Golden Red
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
Reddish Brown
Pink Sunset
Lavender Field
Turquoise Water
Rose Gold Pink
Rose Gold Peach
Blackberry Field
Iced Platinum

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Kristen Casselberry
AMAZING and must have for bridal stylist!

Without question a must have for any bridal hairstylist, any person with fine, thin, or short hair! This is a game changer for hair styling! Not only can I give my clients the most gorgeous updo with super fine or short hair I can give them that style so FAST! It saves me so much time when achieving a textured, voluminous updo! There really is nothing like this on the market!

Unlike sock buns, these extensions come in amazing variety of natural colors that you don’t have to hid like padding! They look so real and elevate a style like no other product! It’s so easy to make a style look balanced and even because it’s actual hair that can be fluffed and pined to balance any updo/bun.

The pro pack is so small and easy to fit in my zuca bag and takes up zero space and weighs nothing! I seriously can’t say enough good about it!

Such an amazing product and company that works with stylist to make our job so easy! You really can’t get any better!