Chloe Brown Half Up Half Down Style
Short Hair Transformation with Single Extensions

Boost Your Confidence

Short hair or hair challenged? No problem! Easy Updo extensions were originally designed to boost confidence. Half up, half down topknots, special occasion and messy buns to space buns and faux hawks were never possible for short or fine and thin natural hair. No need to clip in and try hiding pieces. The ponytail attachment changes the game in updo styling!

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Easy Updo Extensions in natural colors elastic attachment
Easy Updo Extensions ponytail attachment and volume for rope braids and twisted easy updos

Perfectly Blended Natural Colors

Easy Updo extensions were designed by a top colorist in a spectrum of highly dimensional shades. The multidimensional shades pick up the natural colors in your hair for a perfectly blended finish. We've done this thousands of times and suggest you choose a color to blend with your ponytail, not your roots. If you have longer hair, fill your ponytail with volume then wrap and tuck the ends for the illusion of added length.

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Double Space Buns with Vibrant Color Extensions
Easy Updo Purple and Lavender Hair Extensions on Long Hair Influencer Elizabeth Yates Hair

No Damage Vibrant Colors

Easy Updo extensions come in a rainbow of colors including Pink Sunset, Rose Gold, and Turquoise Water. These fun hues mix with your long hair or natural colored extensions for splashes of color without damaging your hair.

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Easy Updo extensions attachment to a ponytail with an elastic
Collage of Looks from Easy Updo Extensions

Save Time

Easy Updo is an all-new type of extension accessory that attaches to any ponytail with an elastic to add twisted and braided style, volume, and length in seconds!

Bridal and Production Stylists tell us it boosts their confidence knowing they can save time behind the chair and still deliver upstyles their hair challenged clients will love. Gorgeous special occasion and messy buns to space buns and faux hawks have never been easier. The ponytail elastic attachment makes adding Easy Updo volume extensions fast and easy.

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