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Frustrated With My Extremely Thin Hair

After searching extensively for effortless ways to make my hair look voluminous, ​stylish, and pretty I wasn’t satisfied so I decided to create my own solution.

After a lot of research, I created a new hair extension accessory to help women with all hair types save time getting ready. I quickly learned Easy Updo Extensions are not only for novices, but professionals to help with twisted and braided style, volume, and length in seconds.

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Looks That Are Easy To Style

When I started this business, it was to help women with fine, thin hair like mine boost their confidence with stylish updos. It has evolved into a beauty solution for all allowing them to create terrific updos whether heading to the bank or glamming it up for a night on the town.

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Gina on Holiday

Incredible Transformations

The extensions mix with any ponytail to transform long, short, fine, thick and thin hair into natural looking updos, braids, and topknots. Easy Updo helps you save time, water, and money without sacrificing stylish hair.

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Transform Your Look

Heartfelt thank yous go to our early adopters: @DBano @JerilynnStephens @Styles_By_ReneeMarie @_VanessaOspina_ @ElizabethYatesHair @TheStylistAbroad @JenRusso_Beauty @Miss_RusticArrow @FabricatingFringe @ChloeNBrown who styled all different types of hair and shared the content with the world.

They showed through their work and testimonials Easy Updo Extensions are terrific for everyday styles for everybody as well as glamorous looks for special occasions.

They are for fine, thinning hair to add volume and they're for short to medium length hair to add the illusion of length. Many with long hair don't have the volume they once did, so they help with that too.

Easy Updo Extensions are a versatile addition to every beauty kit.

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