Stylist Styling a Candidates Hair
Stylist Styling a Candidate's Hair

Why Choose Easy Updo Extensions?

Time - Save time behind the chair

Volume - Pump up the volume for any ponytail

Style - Create iconic looks in moments

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Faux Hawk Style of Contestant on The Voice using Easy Updo Extensions created by Jerilynn Stephens
Easy Updo extensions attachment to a ponytail with an elastic

Quick and Easy Upstyling

Easy Updo ponytail extensions are a simple way to add volume to any hair type or color, creating updos in a portion of the time.

Affordable - Buy at wholesale for your kit and sell at MSRP

Easy - Simply attach the ponytail extension to a ponytail, twist or braid, wrap, then secure for any upstyle

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Color Palette for Easy Updo Extensions shown with Color Names

Propacks Designed With The Professional in Mind

Choose from a variety of packages to get started. We've selected the best combinations of extensions to help you create unforgettable styles.

Choose single extensions (1 ponytail extension per elastic) or braiding extensions (3 ponytail extensions per elastic) in highly dimensional shades for a perfectly blended finish.

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How To Half Up Half Down Fauxhawk Using Easy Extensions from The Voice Dept. Head Hairstylist @JerilynnStephens

Re-create this fun and stylish female faux hawk, as seen on The Voice, using your own hair plus 2 Easy Updo Extensions.

Start by french braiding the top and then making a ponytail when you're at the crown of your head. Simply attach the extensions, twist with your own hair and wrap into a topknot. Secure with pins.

Pink & Blue Space Buns by @Stephanie.Azevedo.Hair

Vibrant hair ponytail extensions create unique stand out looks whether it is a double space bun, a braided headband or a topknot. Attach the vibrant color extension to the natural ponytail and twist for dramatic results.

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