Tip 1: Loosen First

Take the tightness out of the twisted extensions by holding on to one end of the extension with one hand and with the other hand, unwind it and let it twist back on its own. Do this a couple of times to loosen them out of the package. For faster loosening, see Tip #2.

Tip 2: Loosen Faster

Manipulate the extensions through your fingers as you add dry texture spray and/or hair powder. This will loosen the extensions faster for a more natural looking finish from the first wear.

People want to see something perfect out of the package, but the reality is, the more distressed these are, the better!

Tip 3: How To Attach to a Long Ponytail

The Voice Department Head Hairstylist, @JerilynnStephens shows how to put your hair up wherever you want your updo on your head. Attach the extensions to your hair by wrapping the no-metal elastic around your hair into a ponytail with the extensions hanging out of the way.

Tip 4: How To Braid

Hollywood Hairstylist @JerilynnStephens shows how to separate your ponytail into 3 sections and add 1 extension to each section. Braid your hair as you normally would.

As you reach the end of your own hair, work the extensions with your thumbs to loosen and flatten the twisted strands. Braid just the extensions by folding them over the other with loose tension. Once fully braided and tied off gently pull on the strands of the braid to loosen it even more.

Tip 5: How To Attach to a Short Ponytail

Simply put your hair up wherever you want your updo on your head.

Next, attach the extensions by wrapping the no-metal elastic around your hair into a ponytail with the extensions hanging out of the way.

Tip 6: How To Twist

Divide your ponytail into 2 sections and put an extension in each section. Then, keeping even tension between the extensions, twist one over the other. When you twist against the direction the twisted extensions are twisted in, you will create the illusion of a rope braid which makes a beautiful bun.

Keep twisting, maintaining even tension, until you reach the ends of the extensions. The 2 extensions should be even when you finishing twisting.

Tip 7: How To Knot for a Strong Hold

This is a must styling tip! Hold the twisted ends in one hand and raise above your head. The extensions should fall to one side. Take hold of the extensions near the top of the ponytail.

From there, tie in a knot by making a loop then sliding the end/s of the extension/s through it. Gently pull with one hand while making and supporting the knot close to your head with the other hand. You can do this twice with fine hair for an even stronger and natural looking finish.

Tip 8: How To Wrap Around The Ponytail Base

After you have twisted your extensions and tied them in a knot or 2, support the knot securely in one hand while holding the ends in between the fingers of your other hand. Then wrap the ends around the knot.

Once you have wrapped the length of the extension/s, twist the ends and tuck them behind the knot. Keep hold of the ends until you secure them with bobby pins.

Tip 9: How To Secure the Finished Style

Once you have created your updo, pin the ends first. Do this by opening the bobby pin with your fingers (not your teeth) and sliding it in to the updo, capturing the ends.

Repeat the process with more bobby pins, by taking a small bit of extension and the hair close to your head together in 1 pin. You want to work with small amounts of hair as the bobby pins will not grab the circumference of the entire extension. Work around the updo until it is secure.

Tip 10: How To Secure with Hairpins

@JerilynnStephens demonstrates securing the loose pieces and updo with hairpins. Simply slide the hairpin to include a little of the hair and extension and slide until tight. Continue until the loose pieces and updo are secure.

Tip 11: How To Remove and Attach Extensions

Extra extensions come attached to an elastic. It's not necessary to add all the extensions to the same elastic, but if you want to, it's easy.

Simply unsnap the cotton ribbon from the elastic and wrap it around the other elastic and snap closed.

Be sure all of the snaps are attached in the same direction so the fibers will blend together more naturally when the extensions twist in the same direction.