Easy Updo Hairstyles With a Mask for Short, Fine, and Thinning Hair

Gina Greblo | 31 March, 2021

            Beautiful woman with topknot updo upstyle and rose gold hair in white dress looking at camera behind and wearing a mask using Easy Updo Extensions in vibrant colors and blonde hair

Fashionable and easy updo hairstyles are a must for spring, but they can be difficult for those with short, fine, thin, or thinning hair. When you throw a mask into the mix, the dilemma of keeping up with the latest hairstyle trends becomes a real problem. Trending spring hairstyles for these hair types are limited. If you have found yourself searching for easy hairstyles or mask hairstyles, you're not alone. There's a good chance you didn't search for short or thin hair buns and short and thin hair topknots, because why would you? Voluminous short hair buns and short hair topknots and half-up, half-down hairstyles have not been doable....until now! Short, fine, thin, and thinning hairstyles are not only possible, they will help you keep your hair out of the way and looking fresh all day. Easy Updo® extensions are "hair" for you. You can now wear the latest updo and topknot hairstyles with quick, effortless volume leaving you feeling stylish and confident just in time for spring!

Most of us have spent the last year or so at home in quarantine. Our styles have included a lot of sweatpants, minimal make-up, messy buns, and ponytails. There's not really any point in dressing up and trying new updo hairstyles when you're rarely leaving the house. As the world re-opens and we emerge from being stuck at home, it's time to distance ourselves from our quarantine hairstyles. We all have a fresh chance to revamp our look. If you haven't been around people in ages and your mask will cover your face, why not make the most out of what people can see--your hair?


Red haired woman holding chihuahua dog wearing a mask - Easy Updo Extensions


Spring is the season of new beginnings, which makes it the perfect time to try out a new style. Ideally, you want an easy hairstyle that looks and makes you feel great but doesn't require too much time and effort. Once you find a style that works for you, you don't want it tousled every time you attach and remove your mask. This just makes it get flat, limp, and messy, especially for those with short, fine, thin, or thinning hair. Of course, finding casual and easy updo hairstyles that check off the boxes isn't easy. That's where Easy Updo extensions come in.

Updos are everywhere; Pinterest alone shares over 900 ways to rock an updo, testifying to its popularity. Updo hairstyles help keep your hair in place and out of the way behind the mask. Hair loses volume each time you touch it, so there has been a need for short, fine, thin, or thinning hairstyles and enhancements for great hair all day. Easy Updo extensions offer a quick way to craft a variety of updo hairstyles, from topknots or classic half-up half-down hairstyles to sassy space buns and faux hawks. Like the name says, these extensions are easy to use--just attach 1, 2, or 3 twisted and braiding extensions to your ponytail for an effortless and natural-looking boost of volume (and confidence!).

Different hairstyles are available using Easy Updo Extensions and this photo shows each style by the number of extensions used

Benefits of Updo Hairstyles

"Let your hair down" may be a common phrase, but as an aesthetic choice, it's not the most comfortable idea while wearing a mask--especially in the summer. Warm weather feels hotter with our hair worn down and wearing a mask, it can be stifling. Hair is also more susceptible to things like frizz and tangles in warmer weather. Updos reduce friction, which results in healthier hair that is less knotted and easier to work with. Other benefits of updos include:

  • Less time-consuming
  • Low maintenance
  • Long-lasting


Beautiful woman pulling her hair back wearing a robe in a white bathroom with wallpaper


Updos help save time delaying the wash, dry and style routine. Throwing our hair up delivers effortless style that's generally low maintenance. Plus, securing hair away from our clothes and keeping our ends together helps lock in moisture and extends the lifespan of a hairstyle. Updos are especially perfect for 2021, as they make it easier than ever to wear and take off masks--say good-bye to getting your mask tangled up in your hair every time you want to enter the grocery store!

If you've ever attempted to style an updo yourself, you might notice that it can be difficult to achieve your desired volume, especially if you have short, fine or thinning hair. Easy Updo® extensions can instantly boost anyone's confidence by providing that extra volume that will instantly make your topknot or bun look worthy of an Instagram or Facebook post.

Easy Hair Hack for Updo Hairstyles

If you need to save time getting ready or have hair challenges, Easy Updo extensions are for you. Hiding clip-in extensions and getting them to blend in with your hair without a lot of fuss can be difficult for most. If you have really fragile hair and don't have enough of it to hide the clips or volume enhancers, you're not alone. You don't have to give up on a great looking hairstyle. The creator of Easy Updo extensions looked at all the solutions and was tired of not being able to style her thinning hair in an easy yet fashionable way. She decided to make her own design--and that's how they came on the market! Their natural-looking volume and simplistic model have made them popular among top bridal and Hollywood hairstylists; television hair and makeup departments use them for hit shows like American Idol, The Voice and Dancing with the Stars.

Model showing how to attach, twist or braid, wrap and secure Easy Updo Extensions with white background wearing white shirt

Of course, you don't have to be an A-List actor rising Hollywood star to wear these extensions. They're ready to go with just a few easy steps. Here's how they work.

Loosen Up The Extensions

The extensions come in a tight twist, so you'll want to start by alleviating some tension. Hold one end of the extensions, then use your other hand to carefully unwind the opposite end. As you let go, it will instantly twist back into position, so be sure to repeat this motion a couple of times. You can also use a dry texture spray to add even more volume to complete this step. If you are a visual learner, you can watch a extension loosening tutorial here.


Hands Loosening up and untwisting Easy Updo extensions before use


Depending on the amount of volume you like, you can add one, two or three extensions at the point where you want your bun to be. Wrap the no-metal elastic around your hair and into a ponytail, being sure to let the extensions hang out of the way. If you're a visual learner, you can view how to attach extensions to an elastic here. You can do this with a short or long ponytail.


blonde model attaching Easy Updo extensions to her ponytail with 2 extensions attached to the elastic


Twist or Braid


Model separating hair into 2 sections using Easy Updo extensions with white background doing her hair


This next step depends on the number of extensions you used.

. Single Extension for Bun Volume – Recommended for all hair types, except thick, stubby ponytails

Take the ponytail (with the extension attached) and mix it with your hair. (If you have longer hair, put the extension within the ponytail, so it appears thicker). The 22-inch long twisted extension will fall below your hair, adding to the finished bun volume and illusion of long hair. Take hold of your hair (mixed with the extension) and tie it into a knot by forming a loop and slipping the end of the extension through it. This will result in a loose knot at the ponytail base. Be sure to keep supporting your natural hair and the extension as you finish this step. Check out our Beginner Styles page with video tutorials on how to create this look.


Short Fine haired woman showing before after hair using 1 easy updo extension in a low bun


· Two Extensions (Bigger Twisted Bun or Topknot) – Recommended for all hair types except thick, stubby ponytails

If you want a bigger twisted bun or topknot, you will want to use two extensions instead. Take the ponytail you just fashioned and divide it into two sections, making sure that one extension is in each section. (If you have longer hair, put the extensions within each section, so they appear thicker.) Next, twist one section over the other, doing your best to keep the tension even until you reach the ends. When finished, the ends should be about the same length. For a clear visual, you can check out our Beginner Styles or Get the Look pages with video on how to create this look.


Before and After easy updo of woman with hair challenges and thinning fine and short hair and the after shot of woman in white wearing Easy Updo Extensions


For a stronger hold, it's advisable to knot your hair. Hold the twisted ends of the extensions, supporting your twisted ponytail in one hand, then raise the ends over your head. The twisted ponytail should naturally fall to one side as you do this. Next, take hold of the top of your ponytail and tie it in a knot by making a loop and slipping the ends of the extensions through it. Keep supporting the knot as you pull the extensions through the loop, which will result in a loose knot at the ponytail base. Take a look at Tip #6 & #7 at Easy Updo 101.

· Three Extensions (Braided Bun or Braided Topknot) – Recommended for all hair types, but only occasionally for fine, thin and short hair to protect hair health

If you want maximum volume and a braided style, consider using three extensions. Divide your ponytail into three sections, with one extension in each section. (If you have longer hair, put each extension within each of the three sections, so they appear thicker.) The 22-inch long twisted extensions will fall below your hair, adding to the finished bun volume and illusion of longer hair. Next, braid your hair with the extensions. As you reach the end of your hair, continue braiding the extensions by folding them in, maintaining loose tension as you work. You can make the extensions look like your own hair by loosening and flattening the twisted strands with your fingers. To see the process in action, watch Tip #4 on Easy Updo 101. Once you've finished, gently tug on some pieces to loosen up your braids for a softer look.


Before and After Brown haired woman with small bun in white shirt and with a braided bun wearing a Chanel cream jacket wearing Easy Updo Extensions



The next step is to wrap the thicker ponytail or braid around the base. Take hold of the ponytail or, if you braided, take hold of the base of the braid with one hand and grip the ends of the extensions in the other hand. Next, wrap the ends around the knot. To secure the hold, use the bobby pins and hairpins included with your extensions. Once you've finished wrapping the extensions, twist the ends and tuck them beneath the knot. Be sure not to let go of these ends until you've secured them in place with your pins.


Blonde model doing her hair by wrapping her ponytail around a bun using Easy Updo Extensions



Secure your new updo by carefully pinning the ends by opening a bobby pin with your fingers and then gently sliding it into the updo and capturing the ends. Repeat this step with the enclosed bobby pins, making sure that each pin secures a small part of the extension with the hair close to your head. Only work with small amounts of hair; otherwise, the pin will not be able to keep the extensions in place. Work around your updo until it is in place, then use the enclosed hairpins to secure larger sections of hair. Check out Tip #8 & #9 on Easy Updo 101 for a video tutorial.


Blonde haired model using bobby pins to secure her updo hairstyle wearing a white shirt using Easy Updo Extensions


New Elastics

One of the perks of Easy Updo® extensions is that they are interchangeable. Single extension packages include a twisted extension attached to one elastic. If you want more volume or a different style, attach more extensions to your ponytail. You can leave each extension on their own elastic or if you prefer a single elastic, you can attach them to the same one. Take the cotton ribbon on the extra elastic, then unsnap it and wrap it around your desired elastic. Finish by snapping it closed. Be sure that your snaps attach in the same direction, as this will let the fibers blend in naturally when you twist the extensions together.

Easy Updo extensions elastic and attachment with interchangeable snap open

Video Tutorials for Updo Hairstyles

For your convenience, short videos and longer voice overvideo tutorials are offered for all of these steps. Once you've gotten the hang of them, you can enjoy extra volume in seconds!


Types of Updo Hairstyles

Now that you know how to use these extensions, you can decide which type of hairstyle you want. No matter who you are, you deserve to feel good about yourself, which is why Easy Updo extensions can work with all types of textures and lengths.


Collage of women wearing different updos wearing Easy Updo extensions


You can play around with multiple hairstyles by making slight adjustments to the instructions listed above. For instance, if you want double buns, or space buns, all you have to do is make two ponytails along the sides of your head, then add and style two buns with the extensions. For a half-up half-down style, you'll work with just half of your hair, letting the rest fall down. The extensions are especially helpful since you're working with less hair. They also work for more complex styles, like rope braid updos and faux-hawks. You can view more unique style options here.


A Pop of Color

One of the best parts about extensions is that they let you play around with unique looks without having to worry about permanency. Easy Updo extensions come in a wide range of colors, letting you experiment without needing to mess with long-lasting hair dyes. You can quite literally pick any color of the rainbow—from pink sunset to lavender field to turquoise water and iced platinum, they have a color for any occasion, whether it be a casual event, festival, or a special night out.




Vibrant colors can be mixed with long hair or with a single extension in one of the multi-dimensional natural shades, including:

  • Blonde
  • Golden Red
  • Black
  • Brown

If you aren't sure which natural shade will blend with your ponytail, they make it easy with afast quiz to help you choose your color. The natural and fun-colored extensions let you effortlessly change up your style, enabling you to express yourself to the fullest.


Woman with long hair and a half up half down topknot style holding a single package of Easy Updo Extensions showing the camera


Visit Easy Updo Extensions Today

If there's one thing all of us could use more of, it's time. Taking shortcuts usually relate to poor results, but Easy Updo extensions are the exception. By just attaching a simple extension to your ponytail, you can receive confidence-boosting volume for topknots, half-ups and more in seconds so you can spend time on what is really important to you.


Pretty woman getting ready in the morning putting her hair up in a bun wearing a white robe and red lipstick


They are made of high-quality synthetic fiber, which is the best option for this new accessory providing temporary and multi-use twisted volume. You'll receive a no-metal elastic attached to the extensions, bobby pins, hairpins, and a reusable package that works great for storing your materials. ProPacks for bridal and Hollywood hairstylists are also available. Save time behind the chair and feel confident knowing you can create a quick style for someone that lacks length or the right hair texture.


Retail case box display of Easy Updo extensions in a beauty salon with a display of round brushes


Spring is right around the corner--there's no better time to change up your look than the present! If you're looking for effortless volume and fun, vibrant colors without commitment, Easy Updo® extensions are "hair" for you. Save time and have fun with your hair by visiting Easy Updo extensions today!



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