Repurposed Hair Ties - CC Silver

We have scoured reliable sources to shop for designer buttons advertised as vintage and authentic, and we have purchased each button in limited quantities. We then have attached them to hair ties.

*Size: 20mm is slightly larger than 3/4 of an inch (about the size of a penny)

*Select your hair tie based on your ponytail color and thickness.

*Limited quantities are available while supplies last.

*Some of the pieces are stamped, and some are not. After research, we determined it is not possible to authenticate designer buttons by looking solely for marks to appear on buttons. In fact, Gina, our Founder, went back to look at the extra Chanel buttons from her in-store purchases and found her authentic buttons were not stamped. We have looked at the weight, quality, and color and chosen pieces we believe to be 100% authentic to the best of our ability. This being said, we are not appraisers of fine pieces and cannot guarantee everything you see here comes from the designer. 

Hair Tie Color
Ponytail Size

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Elizabeth Anderson
Loved these hairbands

I bought these hairbands for my daughter and her friends and they absolutely love them! Not only do they use them in their hair but wear them around their wrists like a bracelet. So clever!

Andrea S W
Fantastic hair ties

These hair ties are so cute and fictional. I love them and get many compliments on them.